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James A. McVie, F.P.S.A., (’Jim’) of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada (1917-93) was internationally renowned as a specialist in marine photography, having covered yachting events in the Pacific Northwest (Canada/U.S.) for 47 years. During this period, he became locally known as the “EYES” of the famous ‘Swiftsure Classic,’ and his journalistic work appeared internationally in the yachting publications of North America, Great Britain, Japan and Australia.

Yachting as a photographic subject was largely responsible for his outstanding success in world exhibitions where his large monochrome prints graced the gallery walls of every major photographic exhibition on every continent. He entered his first World Exhibition in 1947, was given the title of Canada’s top salon photographer in 1954, was considered second in the world as amatuer photographer in 1957, and in 1959, became the youngest Canadian to be awarded the Fellowship of the Photographic Society of America. This was followed by his election to the select Honourary Pictorialist Society. Having amassed over 1200 exhibition print credits, he also won 80 major medal awards and trophies including The Rochester Gold Medal, The Queen’s Medal (Australia), The All-Canada Championship (Winnipeg), The Print of the Show Trophy (India) and many, many more.

What made McVie exceptional was his eye for composition, his enthusiasm and his tenacity. Having the ‘right shot’ was of paramount importance to him. Truly ‘Jim McVie’ was “The Dean of Canadian Marine Photographers.”

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